Volume Lashes 2-8D

Volume lashes are fantastic for the 'die-hard, eyelash addict' who loves the dramatic strip-lash-look. They can be worn every single day without all the daily fuss of strip lash glue or messy clumpy make-up application and removal. 
Done professionally by a properly educated and well practised Volume lash technician these are the safest kind of Eyelash Extensions. This is due to the lash weight of each individual Eyelash Extension being so low. There can be anything from 2 - 10 super fine eyelash extensions attached to one natural lash depending upon the strength of the natural lash and desired look. 
As you can imagine this does take longer than a classic 1:1 set.
A set of Volume lashes will take between 1.5 - 3 hours, depending upon the look required. This treatment can be carried out in one go with a short break or can be done over two sittings... 2hrs one day, and a top up soon after.
Although this technique can give you super, thick and glamorous lashes, it can also be used to create a natural look. This is extremely beneficial to those with sparse or fine lashes as the weight of the Eyelash Extensions used, is so low, you can use up to 10 x more of them, to create a fuller appearance. Furthermore, less adhesive is used to adhere them to the natural lash. Overall there is less duress to the natural lash which means they last longer AND the chance of the natural lash shedding prematurely is significantly reduced.